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Why are school leaders so opposed to this legislation, if it is what parents want?

Good question. We know the majority of parents oppose early start dates (click here to view public opinion survey that clearly shows this), so why are school administrators and school boards not responding to these preferences?

Even now that the law is passed, these education groups have continued to fight the legislation by introducing bills to exempt their districts from the law. Some have even tried to circumvent the law by passing off their "modified calendars" as being year-round calendars. In reality, the modified calendars aren't much different from their former early start calendars.

In 2008, we anticipate new attacks against the legislation by these groups even though they clearly understand that they are opposing the very families they should be serving. The only way to stop this opposition is by standing up to it where it starts . . . at the local district level. Parents must become more outspoken about their children's education and their expectations. They must attend school board meetings and monitor issues that are of concern. We must all, including our school leaders, recognize the need for family time and non-classroom learning experiences as part of the learning process and take the focus off of test scores as the "end all and be all" in education.

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