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Is Save SC Summers a special interest group?

Save SC Summers is a completely volunteer grassroots coalition of parents, grandparents and teachers from every part of the state fighting to preserve a traditional school calendar for our families. We operate on a shoestring budget comprised of donations and our own personal financial contributions (to help us with a donation, click here).

A statewide survey (and various media polls) have shown that the majority (80%) of parents in the state prefer school to begin after August 20th and 45.3% prefer a post-Labor Day start; so, we know that our goals are aligned with the majority of families in the state (view survey).

Our opposition, however, is a powerful, well-funded state education bureaucracy made up of state and local administrators, superintendents, and trustees determined to have it their way. They have powerful organizations behind them such as the SC School Boards Association, the SC State Superintendents Association, and the SC Association of School Administrators—and their pockets are deep. They can afford lobbyists to bend the ear of legislators. Fortunately for us, legislators are very interested in what their constituents think and feel, and that is exactly who we are: we are their constituents. That is our strength. That is our power.

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