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How can I help protect this law?

Please consider making a donation to our organization (click here). You can also be of help to us in the following ways:

  • Make this site a bookmark or favorite and come back often so you'll be aware of news or evolving issues.
  • Tell FIVE friends about our organization/website. That's easy to do with the Email A Friend link on each page.
  • Sign up to get our E-News updates.
  • Consider a financial contribution to Save SC Summers. We operate on a shoestring while our opposing forces have deep pockets.
  • Contact SC legislators to let them know you support the present school calendar law and that you hope they will, too.
  • Keep your ears open for any local board/school system shenanigans that might seek to circumvent the law...and let us know if you uncover anything.
  • Be a POSITIVE voice LOCALLY in your children's school(s), PTA and other groups.

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