Here are the major provisions of SC's "School Calendar Law"


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The law as ratified requires that all public schools in South Carolina begin no earlier than the third Monday in August, while maintaining the 180 days of classroom instruction and 10 teacher workdays/staff development days per calendar year. Year round schools are exempt. This law allows districts flexibility to establish their own vacation days, semesters, and end dates—and it takes effect August of 2007.

The State Board of Education may waive the school opening date requirement for a system for " a showing of good cause" or for "an educational purpose."

Good cause means that schools in a district have been closed eight days per year during any four of the last ten years because of severe weather conditions, energy shortages, power failures, or other emergency situations.

Educational purpose means a district establishes a need to adopt a different calendar for one or more of these reasons:

  • A specific school needs to accommodate a special program offered generally to the student body of that school,
  • A school primarily serves a special population of students, or
  • A defined program within a school needs special accommodation.

In the specific cases noted above (with the bullets [•]), the state board may grant the waiver for an educational purpose for that specific school or defined program to the extent that the state board finds that the educational purpose is reasonable, the accommodation is necessary to accomplish the educational purpose, and the request is not an attempt to circumvent the opening date as set forth by the law.

Waiver requests for educational purposes may not be used to accommodate system-wide class scheduling preferences.

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